Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh.

Salam Sejahtera.

Hello...peeps ... :)

Annyeong Hasaeyo... ~^^


Today, I just wanna sharing.. a thought.. :)

copypaste via FB Page #Sheikh Khalid Yasin#

Something I thought worth sharing...

I liked 8 things which made me cry :

1- Don't speak of your strength in front of the weak

2- Don't speak of your good fortune in front of one who is miserable

3- Don't speak of your freedom in front of a prisoner

4- Don't speak of your children in front of the childless

5- Don't speak of your father in front of an orphan..for their wounds won't be able to bear more

6- Weigh your words in all your worldly matters and make the consideration of the feelings of others a part of your personality... so much so that a day does not come wherein you find yourself alone with your wounds!

7- DOn't dance over the wounds of others... so that a day does not come that others dance over your wounds

8- Be in life like a traveller and leave behind you a good trail for we are not in this world except guests and a guest only leaves. I Will not gift you the sun or the moon because they disappear and I will not gift you a candle nor ice because they melt and I will not gift you flowers and roses because they wilt, rather I will gift you with my prayer (Du'aa)

sources: Internet

Walauapun yang terjadi. ini..'hidup perlu diteruskan'...Life must goes on...

Hidup satu perjuangan ...Allahu Akhbar!!!

sources : Internet

Jumpa lagi....

Annyeong ;)~~


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